We know that punching your credit card numbers into a website isn't how everyone likes to shop. You hear so many stories about fraud and all that. Mavis & Mick have made the online payment facility extremely safe for you - we use DPS - the world's largest and most trusted provider (basically they're the best). And if you're wondering, we accept Visa and Mastercard online.


Mavis & Mick ship to every corner of New Zealand - so feel free to shop till your heart's content! We use a reputable New Zealand courier company and guess what - we foot the bill! That's right, unless you want your product delivered overnight, we'll cover the cost of couriering it to you.

If your product does not arrive when you want it to (although soon is never soon enough when it comes to shoes!), please contact Mavis & Mick, and we'll hunt it down.

Privacy & Security

This is usually what you will find in the small print...Because we use DPS, we don't store any credit card numbers on our computers - it is all stored in a secure environment. And don't worry - we won't pass your details onto anyone! If you would like to hear from us from time to time, we'll ask if we can use your email address.

Returns & Exchanges

If for some reason you would like to return your purchase, please let us know by phone or email within 7 days of purchase and we will contact you. You will need to make sure that the item is in orignal condition - and clearly labelled with who you are and where it's come from.

Terms & Condtions

BEN: Inset our standard T&C, and I'll edit where needed afterwards.