15 August 2019

A team with a desire for finding a solution for people to be able to wear the shoe they desire,comfort, and style, Mavis & Mick are so pleased to be now based in 3 locations in the heart of the waikato, Cambridge, Morrinsville and our new location of Matamata," Its been fabulous having our new store in Matamata, and a great warmth from everyone of excitement that we have brought a fresh new look to the town" says Mikala Walshe owner of Mavis & Mick

 To be able to provide great quality leather shoes for all occasions and all genders, and yep "we use to always have a great range of mens shoes in our Waihi Beach store but unfortunatly we had to close it and so the mens shoes we were unable to carry on but this Summer Season 2019 we are so happy to say we will have mens shoes in our Matamata store we have had numerous enquiries from our men out their to ask if we will do them again and its a big fat YES" says Mikala.

“The key to our business is that we have a dedication to service that goes beyond just money. We genuinely want our customers’ feet to love their shoe and will do whatever it takes to make that happen,” says Mikala Walshe, owner of Mavis & Mick.

Mavis & Mick began in February 2013, in Te Awamutu dairy farming had been Mikala's background with her hubi and to do something a bit different, different in the way of great shoes, Shoes from the Fashion Capitals of the World to a great small town with alot of heart right in the middle  of the Waikato little did they know how it would grow.

The quality of shoes found at Mavis & Mick is second-to-none. The company stock high profile brands such as, Fly London, Beau Coops and Hispanitas, to comfort brands like Revere Ziera & Rieker and they are constantly on the lookout for new European brands to bring into their store. They stock ladies leather shoes ranging from size 35-42 generally can get some 43 for ladies, . and men’s ranging from size 41-47.

“When it comes to fitting, we believe that size really does matter with shoes and therefore we stock a range of sizes to suit. No two feet are the same so I truly believe it is all about comfort. We also stock several styles and colours to suit our customer’s desires,” says Mikala.

It can truly be said that if you love shoes, you will love Mavis & Mick. Their website is easily navigated and shows off the latest brands which the company has in stock. Head to www.mavismick.co.nz to check the website out, or head to www.facebook.com/mavismick to find them on Facebook.


Contact Mavis & Mick:

Addresses: 66d Victoria Street Cambridge, 10 Wilson Road Waihi Beach

Phone: Cambridge: 07-827-2700, Morrinsville 07 889-4545  Matamata 07 888-8824

Email: info@mavismick.co.nz

Website: www.mavismick.co.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mavismick/


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