Bags Galore
28 April 2016
Bags Galore

Are you Wild About Bags!
This is the season for all you who love a great bag. Handbags for a while back were not that interesting either in style or colours and choices were limitied.  But now the world is its oyster as designers have realised that you can't beat a great handbag and like the shoes they design they have been able to capture an assortment of styles to suit not just the every day needs. When you view pictures in the media of the rich and famous and they have a cool bag hanging off their arm and you know it's probably not exactly cheap, but now we can all have a WOW bag to suit our wardrobe and lifestyle.

For us here at Mavis & Mick we have bags from Spain and Portugal and styles from Clutch, Shoulder & Carry in so many colours with versatile pockets and compartments, so if bags are your thing happy shopping this winter season you won't be disappointed.

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