Summer Expectations
1 October 2014
Summer Expectations

Our expectation of change can be excitement and nervousness all rolled into one and often our expectations are at a different level to reality.  We only have to look at most recent big changes to NZ  ie. the election and the farmers pay out which may have turned out to be totally different from what you or I expected.

When it comes to change of season for Mavis & Mick we have all those things rolled into one.  Knowing how much we Love Shoes! and always wanting to deliver beyond expectations I think you will love this summer's range.

This summer brings so many styles together and as this season is our longest it surely covers a range of styles to suit all our functions. Fashion and styles seem to get better each year but WOW to see some oldies back - stilettos, small heels and high.  We have loads of colours for you too, but black and white is huge this season. The Europeans are calling it "Day time Black" - its black girls, no doubt about that.

So we hope our expectations of summer is right here for you. No need to travel abroad to find what you want, as Europe has delivered it right here to you at Mavis & Mick, with a touch of a finger tip.

Have a wonderful time shopping this summer and enjoy!


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