2015 Winter Shoe Expo
5 August 2014
2015 Winter Shoe Expo

Winter is still with us and I know we're all looking forward to Spring.   In the meantime, we are in the process of buying for the 2015 winter. 

So what can you expect to see next year?  Both long and ankle boots are still around and once again Italy are showing two tone leathers which are gorgeous in a navy to black and grey to black.  The leathers are extremely soft but what is so noticeably different is the the comfort level under the foot, in the higher heel boots which is great to see.  If you want to break away from the black then there are lots of bright colours - purple, pink and blue, although black is still strong for next winter.

Prints and patterns are in, with Zebra and Leopard extremely hot in Europe for the fourth season in a row.   Many shoes feature a pattern on the heel or front toe in suede camel colours or black and white white. The heels for 2015 are extremley mixed and vary from low block to square higher block with different heights for ankle boots.   The cowboy heel seems to be not so hot next year.


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