Spain at its best
31 March 2014
Spain at its best

Hispanitas are a very sucessful brand all over the world, and for our second season we are delighted to have them in our store!

Their shoes are special for many reasons, but mainly because they still believe in pure craftmanship. From the moment a Hispanitas shoe catches your eye, its quality leather and stunning ranges of colour will have you hook, line and sinker - you'll never look back.

They are based in the seaside city of Alicante in Spain; Hispanitas believe that their designs will comfort all womens' feet, no matter how many issues or hang ups we have about our feet. This is one thing I would agree with over the past season, unless we haven't had a size for someone, those who tempted to try, were not dissappointed - nor were their feet!

Have a peek for yourself - check out our new arrivals at Mavis & Mick.


Mikala x

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