Box Of Goodies
12 March 2014
Box Of Goodies

It's like being a child on Christmas day - full of excitement but not knowing what's going to be in the next box that arrives!

It's hard to think back to last August...we had not opened Mavis & Mick, but there I was buying our first Autumn/Winter range for you all and I really had not met our customers, so I had NO idea about your needs or desires. It makes me so happy to see our boots and shoes already making a statment out there - it's just fantastic.

Autumn has certainly yelled out 'I'M HERE' with a dramatic change in our air temp, and so too are our colours to compliment the season - warm and lush from caramels, to oozy chocolate and ruby reds, to bordeaux. The leathers are soft and comfort levels are amazing, it's a thrill to see them on your feet, as your feet will be thrilled to wearing them.

Happy winter shopping everyone! Check out the latest arrivals here.

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