Life Savers For Heels
24 February 2014
Life Savers For Heels

What an amazing product! Heel Stoppers are and a clever little invention for our shoes girls, well done to the person who got these in to production.

The idea of buying such fab shoes and then getting your heels marked when you are wearing them for the first time is so annoying especially considering most of us save and hold on to wearing them to that  big event.

If you weren't already aware of these, they are called Heel Stoppers and they fit on to most of our heels. You can purchase them in different sizes i.e. small, medium, and large. They will help you when walking on grass or on gravel so you dont mark your heels, or sink into the grass!

They are available at Mavis & Mick for $19 whatever size you require so look after your heels girls they will love you for ever!

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