Shoe Expo 2014
28 January 2014
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Exposive is one way to describe the shoe expo for summer 2014/15 wow lets take you whats in and whats new. Stiletos are so back in for heels high or low takes Mavis back to those school days! Block heels are in so are low square but not many wedges thou still around. Although they had not gone away Deck Shoes really are making a statement this year in so many great vibrant colours and they are not forgetting the guys either, Mavis & Mick are even going to be able to supply you with the leather rope that goes around the top of the deck shoes so you can change the colours to suit your day time casual wear. Amazing.

Colours Black & White is every where and its so, so cool especially where they have take the detail down into the heel also the vibrant strong colours are back Tuquiose, Pink, Orange and great to see White is back as so many of you ask for White this year and their were not many sandels or shoes around. I have to say the Italians have delivered again outstanding leathers so soft and comfortable on the foot. Can't wait for to today when we veiw from Spain and Portugal bring it on.

For all you bag lovers we see them today we will see whats in, let us know what you want what didnt 2013 have to offer, let us know we want to know have your say on our facebook page. Also veiwed some beautiful umbrellas yesterday very special so look out for these.

Follow the journey with Mavis & Mick on our website or facebook we want to bring you the best their is in Style, Comfort, Colour and choice. We will keep you update bring it on today Excited is a under statement!!


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