Slide into Summer
24 December 2019
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Completely convenient dress them up or down sliders seem to fit into every ones wardrobes these days, this year for our summer fashion slider shoes have grown in popularity not just in our young trend fashion forwards but right across the board even our poldietrist have design slides this season with amazing arch support and removable foot beds. So why has a shoe that has been around for so long suddenly broke the records this season to be a No1 selling item, well you can where a slide anywhere to any event at Mavis & Mick we have super smart slides by Hispanitas, United Nude, Beau Coops, which can be on a heel for elevation for weddings and parties and we also have low wedges for beach, shopping and even wearing around the home and day to day work.

Most sliders are very air rated and so comfortable on the foot designed to be worn all day, I think long have gone the day that its not fashionable to wear a slide it is most certainly on trend and is not about to go out any time soon.

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